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Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. 

Home Watch Professional Captiva


A Home Watch professional is a critical asset for anyone with a seasonal or second home.   This provides peace of mind knowing the property is cared for when unoccupied.  We perform an interior and exterior visual walk through looking for leaks, water damage, mold, insect infestations, signs of vandalism, and other issues that may arise.   We  provide secure access for contractors and other service professionals and make sure the work is done properly.   In addition to home watch we offer value added services which provides an extra layer of observation.  It is with this in mind that the  Province Property Group will be your advocate and will always represent your best interests when you are away.      


As accredited members of the National Home Watch Association, Province Property Group looks to exceed our clients expectations.   Our employees have been background checked, trained and vetted.  We maintain proper bonding and insurance to make sure those protections are always in place.  We sign a confidentiality agreement to make sure our clients privacy is maintained.   Lastly we communicate our findings via detailed photos and reports to ensure accountability for our work.   

Certified Home Watch Professional 

Nicole King - #11220263

Home Watch NHWA
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Our Home Watch Services

At the Province Property Group, we believe that you property is our priority.  We are your eyes, ears and nose while you are away.  We create a custom inspection routine to fit the needs of the homeowner.  We base our inspections on this routine, checking for any issues that may arise.   Each client receives a detailed report of each site visit with pictures and analysis of home systems.   If something is amiss we will contact you immediately.


In addition, we coordinate large and small projects in your absence.  This includes secured access for contractors performing work in the home along with supervision of their work.   Our cleaning, shopping and concierge services provide additional support and time savings.   Below are our service lists, if you don't see a service you need, please ask!  We are here for you!

Province Property Group exterior home check

Exterior & Grounds Check

​Walk the full perimeter of the property to checking doors, windows, screens, roof and gutters (from ground level)  to confirm there has not been any unauthorized entry, damage, theft or vandalism 

  • Bring mail, newspapers, packages in from outside 

  • Check pool/spa water levels, cleanliness, pump is all in good working order 

  • Look for insect or rodent issues 

  • Check garage door is operational and secure 

  • Check any outdoor faucets and hoses are turned off 

  • Check screens or porch enclosures for signs of damage

  • Ensure property maintenance is kept up on 

Province Property Group Home Interior Check and verify

Home Interior Check 

Walk through each room and closet in the home smelling for any different odors.  Looking for any evidence of water damage (and mold) on ceilings around windows and baseboards as well as vandalism, break-ins or damage.  Listening for any noises, alarms or beeps

  • Place mail in designated area 

  • Verifying temperature and humidity levels be in safe range 

  • Check for evidence of rodents or insects 

  • Running faucets, showers/tubs, flushing toilets checking for any leaks 

  • Verifying lights and ceiling fans are in working order 

  • Check breaker box for any tripped breakers 

  • Verifying refrigerators and freezers are functioning properly 

  • Run garbage disposal, dish washer and washer as needed 

Province Property Group LLC Nicole King Additional Services

Additional Services

Our goal is for you to feel stress free coming to your Florida home. We are here to meet your needs. 

  • Photos at every visit 

  • Vendor Access Service (with waiting service) 

  • Vendor Service after check

  • Package pick-up and/or bring in

  • Forward mail 

  • Welcome Back Service (opening)

  • Bon Voyage Service (closing)

  • Trash & Recycling bins Service

  • Hurricane Shutter Service (electric or crank)

  • Pre-Storm Preparation

  • Post-Storm Inspections

  • Grocery Shopping & Stocking

  • Discard spoiled food  

  • Key-holder Service 

  • Cleaning

  • Weed Pulling

  • Unlicensed  Handyman Services 

  • HVAC Air Filter Replacement 

  • Organizing & Decluttering 

  • Plant care 

  • Replace lights, smoke detector batteries 

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