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IT WATCH-Network System Monitoring

Our homes and businesses are becoming more and more integrated with connected technologies, devices and appliances.  While these technologies can help our day to day lives, it also exposes us to online cyber threats.  From data hackers, to identity thieves, there are potential vulnerabilities within the devices of any local area network.   It is important to manage and keep an eye on them regularly.   


IT Watch is a monitoring service designed to routinely check and analyze your network and Wi-Fi to make sure they are working and secure.  Clients are emailed a weekly statistical report which goes over devices, verifies their operation, and notifies if any issues are found. 


Our advanced IT Watch service provides monitoring for smart home systems such as climate, access, security, cameras, A/V, lighting and other controls.  Often these devices require additional attention to detail that can be missed.  With IT Watch, your complex technology systems are checked, analyzed and verified by our professionals.  This mitigates risk and provides peace of mind knowing things are in good working order.  

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How It Works

At your location, a gateway router  is installed.  This device acts as the traffic cop, providing speed, security and real time monitoring.  The cloud gateway and other tools provide analysis of devices on your network which belong and those that do not.  With advanced routing, the unit can block outside threats including rogue actors and countries known for cyber attacks.

In addition, a secure remote access PC or "RAP" is installed.  This is connected to your network and provides access for the scheduled IT Watch service.  The RAP is a separate device and does not interfere with any existing computers or systems at the location.  The RAP allows for real-time 24/7 support.  This is helpful to address any Wi-Fi, network or device issues that may arise without the need for a service call to your location. 

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IT Watch Starter

Our starter services include scheduled checks of your internet and local area network system.   This is critical as we look for potential vulnerabilities within the setup of your system to minimize risk.  IT Watch Starter includes an audit of all connected devices with operation verification and warning notifications.  These security checks include:​

  • Internet service provider and modem

  • Router, incoming/outgoing connections

  • Network switches, Wi-Fi devices

  • Connected computers, devices

  • Internet speeds and network throughput issues

  • Identification of rogue devices

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IT Watch Advanced

Our advanced service includes the benefits of IT Watch Starter and adds an additional level of protection by analyzing home control systems.  These scheduled comprehensive checks are designed to make sure systems are setup, secured and working properly.  These checks include the following:

  • Surveillance cameras​

  • Security alarms

  • Smoke alarms

  • HVAC & thermostats

  • Automated lighting

  • Audio/Video

  • Moisture sensors

  • Motorized shades/hurricane shutters

  • Pool/Spa controls

  • Irrigation systems

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